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Get Clients Now! Facilitators KitDo you coach, teach, or consult with self-employed professionals, small business owners, or salespeople? Or do you want to? Add the GET CLIENTS NOW! program to your professional toolbox.
When you become a licensed facilitator of this powerful program, you get all the training and materials you need to deliver our program to anyone who markets or sells a service business. For one low fee, you receive our Facilitator Training home-study course, a home-study edition of the GET CLIENTS NOW! 28-Day Program, live learning sessions with C.J. Hayden and Kristine Carey, our comprehensive Facilitator’s Kit, and a renewable teaching license to offer the GET CLIENTS NOW! system as a seminar, teleclass, webinar, or 28-day coaching program to use with groups or individual clients.

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Who Your Potential Clients Are

Accountants • Attorneys • Architects • Bodyworkers • Chiropractors
Coaches • Computer Professionals • Consultants • Counselors
Designers • Engineers • Financial Advisors • Freelancers
Health Practitioners • Insurance & Investment Brokers • MLM Distributors
Photographers • Real Estate Agents • Recruiters • Salespeople
Speakers • Therapists • Trainers • Writers


Advantages of the GET CLIENTS NOW! Program

  • Has been road-tested by over 100,000 people on six continents since 1995
  • Gives you an exciting new way to package and market your services to self-employed professionals, businesses, groups, and organizations
  • Delivers the rapid results your busy professional clients want
  • Maximizes your income by allowing you to work with many people at once
  • Ideal for in-house teams of professionals, salespeople, or MLM distributors
  • Attracts the hard-to-get client who thinks coaching is too intangible or open-ended
  • Can be marketed to companies, associations, and institutions for their employees, members, students, and franchisees

Travis Greenlee

“I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about the GET CLIENTS NOW! program; it absolutely rocks! As a professional business coach, I am constantly looking for the best tools and systems to support my clients in building successful practices. By adding the GET CLIENTS NOW! program to my toolbox, my practice has absolutely exploded! If you are a marketing coach or consultant wanting to take your practice to the next level, I highly recommend becoming a licensed facilitator. It’s worth every penny.”

— Travis Greenlee, Business Design and Development Coach


What the Program You Will Lead Consists of

For Groups

  • A three-hour seminar you deliver to a group of 2-20 people
  • Conduct the seminar in one live session or two 90-minute teleclasses/webinars
  • Follow-up group coaching sessions you lead with teams of 2-10 participants
  • Coaching can be live or by teleclass/webinar, once or twice weekly for 28 days

For Individual Clients

  • Two or three one-hour private coaching sessions
  • Follow-up one-on-one coaching, weekly for 28 days or more
  • Coaching can take place in person or by phone

For All Your Clients… and You!

  • A road-tested system for sales and marketing
  • Everything clients need to build a customized, reusable marketing plan
  • A toolkit of proven sales and marketing techniques

When working with groups, you can present the seminar alone — live or by teleclass/webinar — or add follow-up coaching sessions to increase the value to participants and maximize your own income. You can also modify the format and content of the program to meet the needs of your target audience.

Colin Campbell

“I’ve been quietly building my GET CLIENTS NOW! workshop schedule. I’m now up to four workshops per month and am running in three cities and one town in Wales. The response I’m getting is phenomenal. I gave a three-minute presentation at my local Chamber of Commerce and eight people signed up immediately. I’m meeting people and within five minutes they are asking to go to the workshop and when they have a team, for them to go as well. It’s almost unbelievable.”

— Colin Campbell, Sales Trainer and Coach


What’s Included When You Become a Licensed Facilitator

Facilitator Training

  • You’ll have access to up to eighteen hours of training in your first year as a facilitator. Only four hours of facilitator training are required before you begin to lead the program. Our Facilitator Training home-study course includes four hours of recorded audio sessions, plus companion training materials. When you complete the four hours of required sessions, you’ll have learned all the basics of being a facilitator.
  • Your instructors for the facilitator training are GET CLIENTS NOW! Director of Training and Licensing Kristine Carey, and GET CLIENTS NOW! author C.J. Hayden. In the training, you’ll learn how to lead, coach, and market GET CLIENTS NOW! programs.
  • You’ll also receive a home-study edition of the GET CLIENTS NOW! 28-Day Program, to serve as a model and laboratory for you as you learn. By following along with this complete, recorded eight-hour program, you’ll be able to experience for yourself how a facilitator-led GCN program guides and empowers marketing and sales.
  • Then throughout your first year, you’ll be invited to participate in six hours of live teleclass or webinar learning sessions with C.J. Hayden and Kristine Carey to help you be more successful in marketing and delivering the program.
  • There’s no requirement that you take the GET CLIENTS NOW! 28-Day Program live, although of course you would find that of benefit. To become licensed, all you need to do is complete the four hours of required facilitator training, read the GET CLIENTS NOW! book, and submit a final exam.

Facilitator’s Kit

  • 100+ page Facilitator’s Handbook and companion materials are available for immediate download, and include…
  • Step-by-step written instructions for delivering the seminar, in person or by teleclass/webinar
  • Guidelines, tips, and tricks for conducting group coaching sessions and working with clients one-on-one
  • A/V package of illustrations and worksheets
  • Marketing and enrollment tools, including logos, sample marketing materials, PowerPoint presentation, and real testimonials

Teaching License

  • Renewable license to deliver the GET CLIENTS NOW! program an unlimited number of times per year in any location with no royalty fees
  • Permission to use the trademarked GET CLIENTS NOW! name and logo on your website, business card, and marketing materials
  • Directory listing on the GET CLIENTS NOW! website, and if you offer public programs, listing on the Take Our Program page
  • Announcements for your programs in the GET CLIENTS NOW! online reader community, newsletter, and social media channels, reaching thousands of followers
  • Annual renewal fee of $99 covers all the extra benefits below and is waived for your first year

Support, Resources & Community

  • Live skill-building learning sessions six times per year, via teleclass or webinar, with C.J. Hayden and Kristine Carey, sharing tips and tools for GET CLIENTS NOW! success
  • Online Facilitator Resource Center with templates for marketing materials, tools for successful facilitation, and hours of audio recordings with best practices for marketing and leading our program
  • Online community exclusively for GET CLIENTS NOW! facilitators to share resources and ideas
  • Ongoing updates to the Facilitator’s Handbook, marketing materials, and facilitation tools

Your license requires that each person who participates in your paid programs must own a copy of the GET CLIENTS NOW! book (print or ebook) to serve as the text for the program. They can purchase their book from any source. With live programs, you may wish to provide books yourself, which you can include in the price or charge for separately.

Lia Allen

“I cannot imagine running my business without this in my toolbox. What I like best about being a GET CLIENTS NOW! Facilitator is that you are always looking for ways to make my business easier. You add new tools, the ongoing training via teleconferences, and all of the other products constantly help me feel prepared to handle any challenge my diverse client base may throw at me.”

— Lia Allen, Business Development Specialist


Why Wait?

As a GET CLIENTS NOW! facilitator, you will have a proven program that arrives ready-to-deliver. You’ll have all the tools and support you need to be successful. Your first one or two clients will repay the cost of your license and training. If that isn’t enough, we also offer a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, just cancel your license for a full refund.

Facilitator Training, Kit, & Teaching License

Only $495.00

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