Get Clients Now! Companion

The Get Clients Now! Companion

52 Power-Ups to Fuel Your Marketing Journey
by C.J. Hayden
Paperback and Ebook

Self-employed professionals! Fuel your business journey with these bursts of practical marketing and sales advice.

The Get Clients Now! Companion is rich with detailed do-able advice for any low-budget / high-hopes freelancer new to business or struggling to make a living. Chapters 28 and 48 alone have saved me a lot of stress and wasted time! Highly recommended as the resource you’ll use most often to grow a private practice.
— Deah Curry, PhD,

For the first time, Get Clients Now! author C.J. Hayden has collected fifty-two of her most popular articles, blog posts, and columns in one volume.

The Get Clients Now! Companion will teach you:

  • What really works – effective strategies and tactics for landing clients
  • Where to start – how to build a powerful system or plan for sales and marketing
  • How to get where you’re headed – setting goals, choosing priorities, and maintaining focus

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • In marketing, the Internet is not the universe
  • Are you sabotaging your own marketing
  • How much marketing is just enough
  • The world’s simplest marketing plan
  • Avoiding the feast or famine trap
  • How to get more clients by doing less
  • Four steps out of marketing overwhelm

Whether or not you’re a reader of C.J. Hayden’s bestselling book Get Clients Now!, you’ll find a wealth of practical wisdom in these pages that you can immediately apply to your small business or private practice.

As a long-time facilitator of the Get Clients Now! program, I’ve seen first-hand what a big difference it makes in helping participants implement and continue a marketing plan. This new book is the perfect companion to Get Clients Now!, filling in the gaps with everything a business owner needs to know for successfully marketing a business.
— Marty Marsh, Business Growth & Development Specialist


“Work smarter, not harder” is C.J. Hayden’s key maxim in this book, which combines common sense practicality with revolutionary advice. C.J. busts many popular marketing myths — including the mistaken idea that you can get clients just by using technology, while avoiding the perceived “yuck” of personally connecting with prospects.
— Diana Schneidman, Author, Real Skills, Real Income: A Proven Marketing System to Land Well-Paid Freelance and Consulting Work in 30 Days or Less

228 pages • © 2018

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Ebook in PDF Format • $9.95 USD

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