Get It Written Day

Whatever You Have to Write…
…Let’s Write It Together!
Day-Long Virtual Writing Retreats for Business Owners
with C.J. Hayden
Next Retreat: Friday, Nov 10, 2017
9:00 AM-4:00 PM either Pacific OR Eastern
Early risers in western time zones may attend the Eastern time sessions

Get it written!

You’ve got important stuff to write. Blog posts, articles, a tip sheet, an ebook, maybe even a full-length book. But when can you find the time? And what’s in your way? Let me help you get past all that and make it happen!

In one day of concentrated writing, with me as your writing coach and the support of fellow writers, you’ll be able to:

  • Set aside dedicated time to work on your writing project(s)
  • Experience a writing retreat from the comfort of your home, office or local café
  • Get tips for overcoming procrastination, writer’s block, self-sabotage, perfectionism, and fear of exposure
  • Gain accountability to keep your focus on writing and avoid distractions
  • Celebrate the day’s achievements with a supportive group of peers
  • Transform writing from a solitary struggle into an enjoyable activity done in community

Margie BeiswangerI loved the writing retreat! I drafted three complete blog posts/articles of about 1000 words each and had time to do some editing, as well. It gave me dedicated time to write, with group support. I enjoyed the check-in calls. It felt very satisfying to have three solid chunks of time to write in a single day!

~ Margie Beiswanger, Business Coach & Mentor to Solopreneurs

About the program

On each Get It Written Day, we’ll have three 90-minute writing sessions — four-and-a-half hours of writing. In between, we’ll have learning and sharing sessions, where we’ll discuss overcoming barriers to writing, how to build quality writing time into your life, and celebrate your accomplishments for the day. (Yes, there will be breaks, too.) I’ll send you in advance preparation tips to help you take the most advantage of the day. You’ll be energized, supported, and get stuff written!

You can sign up for the next Get It Written Day individually, or to create more accountability for yourself and make a firm commitment to your writing (as well as save money), purchase all three retreat days in the series at once.

Structure + Support + Dedicated Time = Completed Writing!

What you’ll get

Included with your program registration are all of these benefits:

  • Three 90-minute supported writing sessions
  • Kickoff session, wrap-up session, and two check-in sessions
  • Pre-program tips to take the most advantage of the day
  • Guidance for overcoming procrastination, writer’s block, self-sabotage, perfectionism, and fear of exposure
  • Access to me as your writing coach throughout the day
  • Supportive community of peers

Caitlin FaasI wrote 2,525 new words of content for a professional book review… It was so refreshing to commit myself to dedicated time and actually follow through on it. The regular breaks and check-ins really helped me stay accountable without drifting… It’s a day that realigns your focus on writing with accountability from a professional coach and colleagues to help cheer you on.

~ Dr. Caitlin Faas, College Professor & Career Coach

How we’ll meet

The program will take place as a webinar on Zoom. You will be able to listen, speak, and ask questions, no matter where you are, by joining the Zoom session from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. If you don’t have Internet access that day, you can call instead from a regular landline or cell phone. I’ll share visual aids with you online, or if you are calling by phone, you can download them in advance and follow along. This easy-to-use webinar approach will give you a rich, interactive experience.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get it written — together!

Retreats will take place on these Fridays:
Nov 10 & Jan 12
Next Retreat: Friday, Oct 13, 2017
9:00 AM-4:00 PM either Pacific OR Eastern
Early risers in western time zones may attend the Eastern time sessions)

Register for next retreat

Oct 13 retreat only
$47 USD

Register for all 3 retreats

Series of 3 retreats — save $24!
$117 USD

Questions about this program? Contact me!


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Get It Written Day

Get It Written Day
Oct 13, 2017

You’ve got important stuff to write. Let C.J. help you get it done at Get It Written Day! Join C.J. for this one-day virtual writing retreat for business owners. Work on your blog posts, articles, or book with coaching and peer support.
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