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GET CLIENTS NOW! Book and Program

Q. I’m not a consultant, professional or coach. Will the GET CLIENTS NOW! book or program help me find clients?

A. If you are marketing your own services or selling a service of any type, absolutely. GET CLIENTS NOW! will help you build your client base in any field. In addition, people selling or marketing products, rather than services, have found our program very helpful in developing a system for generating prospects and following up with them to close sales. If your business is based exclusively on product sales, however, GET CLIENTS NOW! will not be a complete solution.

Q. I have the first edition of the book (published in 1999) or the 2nd edition of the book (published in 2007). Do I need to buy the new 3rd edition?

A. We highly recommend that you purchase the new 3rd edition of the book. Several significant changes have taken place in the professional services marketplace since the earlier editions of the book were published: 1) the importance of having an appropriate presence online, 2) the significance of relationship marketing and personal connections vs. cold approaches, and 3) the rise of social media marketing. All these essential areas and much more are addressed in the newest edition. Read about the updates and revisions.

Q. How can I take the GET CLIENTS NOW! 28-Day Program with a trained facilitator or coach?

A. We have licensed the GET CLIENTS NOW! training and coaching program to facilitators in 20+ countries who have received training in delivering our program. You can take the program individually with a facilitator, hire a facilitator to bring the program to your organization, or enroll in a group program the facilitator offers. View the complete directory of licensed facilitators, where you can locate a facilitator in your geographic area. If you are specifically looking for a group program to join, see our list of licensed facilitators who offer group programs on the Take Our Program page.

Q. How can I find an action group or business buddy to provide peer support while I’m using the GET CLIENTS NOW! program?

A. To find a GET CLIENTS NOW! buddy or peer-led action group, visit our Find a Buddy or Group page. Then post a request that other readers can reply to or look for requests already posted by others. You may also wish to read our Action Group Guidelines for suggestions. If you would prefer to find a professionally-led group or a coach to work with individually, see our complete directory of licensed facilitators, where you can locate a facilitator in your geographic area.



GET CLIENTS NOW! Licensed Facilitators

Q. What is a GET CLIENTS NOW! licensed facilitator?

A. At one time, we offered the opportunity to be trained and licensed by us to deliver the GET CLIENTS NOW! program. People who completed that licensing process are listed in our directory of licensed facilitators. You can take the GET CLIENTS NOW! program with one of these trained professionals, or bring them into your organization to provide the program to your employees, franchisees, members, or students.

Q. Can I become a GET CLIENTS NOW! licensed facilitator?

A. We no longer offer the opportunity to new individuals to become licensed. If you were at some time in the past a licensed facilitator, but allowed your license to lapse, please contact us to find out whether your license is still valid.

Q. Can I offer the GET CLIENTS NOW! program to my own clients, students, or organization members?

A. Yes, you can, as long as you respect our intellectual property, i.e., the copyrighted GET CLIENTS NOW! book, and the trademarked GET CLIENTS NOW! name. You are welcome to use the GET CLIENTS NOW! book as a coaching tool with your clients, or a textbook with your students, in the same way as you might use any book that both you and your clients/students own. By copyright law, you are not permitted to reproduce any content of the book without our explicit permission. This prohibition against reproduction applies to words or images copied and transmitted in any form: print, electronic, audio, or video. By trademark law, you are not permitted to use the GET CLIENTS NOW! name in any way that makes it appear the name belongs to you, or that you have any affiliation with us. As long as both you and your clients/students own a copy of the book, you don’t make copies or recordings of its content, and you don’t represent yourself as the author or as an affiliate of our company, you may use the GET CLIENTS NOW! book to deliver the GET CLIENTS NOW! program.



Teleclass Programs

Q. What’s a teleclass?

A. A teleclass, also known as a teleseminar or teleforum, is a class or group program held by telephone. You, the program leader, and the other participants dial into a teleconference bridge line, where you can all hear one other. Just like in a real classroom, you can ask questions, discuss issues, and make comments about what you hear. The program leader facilitates the call so that only one person speaks at a time. Class materials are emailed to you in advance or available by download, and classes are often recorded in case you miss one.

You don’t need any special equipment to participate in a teleclass, just a telephone. Long-distance and international participants are welcome. You can often call using a phone card or Skype, and some teleclasses offer in-country access numbers for international callers. (Whenever the teleconference line is a long distance call from your area, you will be responsible for any toll charges to call this line.)



Home-Study Courses and Audio Workshops

Q. How do I listen to a course or workshop recorded on MP3?

A. You don’t need an iPod or MP3 player to listen. You can listen to our MP3 audio workshops on your computer and other devices either in “streaming” mode when connected to the Internet (just click to play) or download them for later listening on any device that will play MP3 files.



The One-Person Marketing Plan Workbook

Q. What’s the difference between The One-Person Marketing Plan Workbook and the GET CLIENTS NOW! book?

A. GET CLIENTS NOW! provides an action-oriented 28-day marketing plan, and The One-Person Marketing Plan Workbook tells you how to create a detailed six-month marketing plan. The One-Person Marketing Plan Workbook is recommended as the “next step” after GET CLIENTS NOW! because it answers several questions GET CLIENTS NOW! doesn’t address:

  • How much marketing will it take to reach my sales and revenue goals?
  • How much time and money can I afford to spend on marketing?
  • How can I market for more than one line of business at the same time?
  • How can I build a business model that supports my financial goals?

GET CLIENTS NOW! is a 256-page book, available on our site only in the paperback edition (although ebook editions are available elsewhere). The One-Person Marketing Plan Workbook is a 70-page book available on our site in paperback, PDF ebook, or Kindle/Mobi ebook.

Q. Does The One-Person Marketing Plan Workbook duplicate any of the information in the GET CLIENTS NOW! book?

A. Some material about marketing strategies, tactics, and tools appears in both books so that each book can stand alone. The One-Person Marketing Plan Workbook is recommended as the “next step” after GET CLIENTS NOW! If you don’t own either book, we suggest you start with GET CLIENTS NOW! If you already own GET CLIENTS NOW! or are ordering it today, with The One-Person Marketing Plan Workbook, you can use the GET CLIENTS NOW! system to create a comprehensive six-month marketing plan.



Coaching with C.J. Hayden

Q. Does C.J. work with clients individually? Can I hire her as my business coach?

A. C.J. is no longer accepting new business coaching clients, but she is always happy to work with past clients who wish to schedule occasional sessions. Past clients, please view C.J.’s current rates, and contact her to schedule. if you aren’t a former client, please view C.J.’s workshops and events schedule to find other ways you can work with her, or consider working with Kristine Carey.



Lost Password

Q. I’ve misplaced my password. How can I retrieve it?

A. There is now only one type of login or password you might have with us. If you are a licensed facilitator and need your password to access the Facilitator Resource Center, please contact us.

If you were at one time a member of the GET CLIENTS NOW! Answer Center, note that you no longer need a password to access Answer Center content.



Duplicate Charges

Q. I made a purchase from the GET CLIENTS NOW! website using a credit/debit card, and I see what appear to be duplicate charges on my credit card or bank statement. Have I been double-charged for my order?

A. This most often happens when you use a debit card, but it can also happen with credit card purchases. When our credit/debit card authorization system contacts your card issuer electronically to verify that funds are available, your bank or credit card company may set aside the amount for a period of up to five business days. This sometimes happens even when your card issuer declines the transaction, for example, due to a mismatch between the billing address you entered and the one they have on file. If the pending transaction does not complete, these funds will be automatically be credited back to your account on the fifth day.

When our system successfully processes a charge to the same card, that first “pre-authorization” charge is automatically removed. Occasionally though, two transactions will appear on your statement temporarily. This most often occurs when your first attempt to make a purchase is declined and you then use a different card (or PayPal) to complete your purchase. Unfortunately, your bank or credit card company will not allow us to take care of this for you. These pre-authorization holds are placed by your card issuer, not by our system. If for any reason a duplicate charge still appears on your statement five days after the charge has been processed, we will be happy to provide you with any documentation your card issuer needs to resolve the issue.



Placing an Order

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We accept Visa and MasterCard credit or debit cards, as well as American Express.

Q. How do I place an order?

A. To place an order on the website, click the “Order” or “Add to Cart” button shown next to the item that interests you. A screen will pop up with your item in it; please double check the quantity. Click the “Checkout” button and follow the prompts for your customer information, as well as any discounts that may apply. Click the “Continue to Shipping Method” button, entering / double checking the information on this page, then click “Continue to Payment Method” and enter your payment information. You’re all set ~ enjoy!



Refund Policy

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. For books and CDs, you may return any product in saleable condition within 30 days of your purchase date for a full refund.

For the Facilitator Training, Kit, and License, you may request a full refund up to 30 days from your purchase date.

For live classes and programs, your registration fee is fully refundable up to 72 hours in advance. If you find you must cancel after that, please send a friend in your place. Because enrollment is limited, no refunds will be granted if your circumstances change after the program begins. However, if you are dissatisfied with the program for any reason, your money will be refunded in full.

For digital audio workshops and ebooks, once you receive access to the materials, no refunds will be granted if your circumstances change. However, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, your money will be refunded in full if you notify us within 30 days.



Shipping Cost & Delivery Time

Q. How soon will I receive my order?

A. U.S. orders for book and CDs are sent by Priority Mail (if over 1 lb), or First Class Mail (if under 1 lb), and usually arrive in 4-5 business days. International orders are sent by International Priority Mail and usually arrive in 5-12 business days. Please be aware that international shipments are sometimes delayed by Customs in the receiving country. Sorry, we do not offer express delivery.

Orders for classes and e-products (such as ebooks and MP3 audios) are filled immediately. You will receive access information by return email. If you don’t see a message from us about your purchase within 30 minutes, check your spam filter.

Q. How much does shipping cost?

A. Shipping charges are calculated by both the weight and size of your order. Shipping one book or 4-8 CDs by Priority Mail costs $4.95 in the U.S., $19.95 USD to Canada, and $23.95 USD to other countries. U.S. orders for 1-3 CDs are shipped First Class and cost slightly less.

California orders are subject to 8.75% sales tax. No tax or shipping is charged for classes or e-products. To calculate exact shipping charges for your order before placing it, add your selected products to our shopping cart, click on “Check Out” and follow the instructions on the screen.

If you are ordering from outside the U.S., your order may be subject to additional duty, tax, or handling fees collected by your local customs or postal authority. Please contact the appropriate agency in your home country for details.

Q. How can I save on international shipping?

A. We ship to other countries by the most economical way available that allows package tracking, which is currently U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail. We charge you the actual cost of shipping your order, with no handling charges added. Unfortunately, the minimum cost for Priority Mail shipping is $19.95 USD to Canada, and $23.95 USD to other countries. For products available only from us, there is no lower shipping cost available.

However, when ordering the GET CLIENTS NOW! book from outside the U.S., you do have other options. Please see our international book orders page for more details.



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