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"I have looked at dozens of coaching sites and for once, FOR ONCE!!!! I have found a site with truly valuable information... You give good, concise, practical advice that makes sense."
-- Louise Keith Abbott, Personal Coach


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Recession-Proof Marketing
Is This a Bad Time to Market?
Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself

Creating a Marketing Plan
If You Want to Get Clients, You'll Have to Talk to Them
Information Is the Present; Connection Is The Future

Fearless Self-Promotion
Marketing the Real You
Follow-up Is Simple — So Why Isn't It Easy?

Internet Marketing
Five Myths of Internet Marketing for Independent Professionals
Web Technology in Marketing: Friend or Foe?

Networking & Referral-Building
Wanted: 100 Referral Partners
A Pocket Full Of Business Cards

Public Speaking & Seminars
Will Seminars Get You Clients?
What If No One Signs Up?

Writing & Publishing Articles
Publish or Perish
Get "Expert" Attention by Writing What You Know

Defining Your Niche
Being Unique is a Good Thing... Isn't It?
When Is a Niche Not a Niche?

Closing the Sale
Anatomy of a Sale
From Prospect to Client in Thirty Seconds

Selling by Phone
Can I Still Call Under "Do Not Call"?
Seven Easy Steps to Follow Up by Phone

Business Planning & Strategy
Turning Your Services Into a Product
Beyond Billable Hours

Overcoming Fear, Resistance & Procrastination
If You Can't Make a Living, How Can You Make a Difference?
10 Ways to Get Your Marketing Unstuck


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