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New edition of GET CLIENTS NOW! is here

Get Clients Now! 3rd Edition The new 3rd edition of GET CLIENTS NOW! has just been released. This new edition is completely updated and revised, with many additions and changes. Some of the most significant revisions cover social media, building high-touch relationships in a high-tech world, and new approaches for dealing with fear, resistance, procrastination, and the inner critic. Find out more about what's included in the new edition, plus read a sample chapter, here.

Read C.J.'s column for RainToday

COntinuing in 2012 and beyond, C.J. will be a regular columnist for this popular webzine. You can read a new article from her bi-monthly from RainToday, resources for B2B selling and marketing of professional services.

New Alliance for C.J.'s Send Girls to School Project

In Dec 2011, C.J.'s Send Girls to School Project began sponsoring a young blind girl in Nepal to attend school, including her room and board and extras like music lessons. The sponsorship is the result of a new alliance with The Rose International Fund for Children. Watch a video of Sima Tamang saying hello to her former sponsor.

Article by C.J. in Producers eSource

C.J.'s article "7 Easy Steps to Follow up by Phone" appeared in the Oct 2011 issue of the webzine Producers eSource. C.J. writes: "You know how critical it is to follow up initial contacts or mailings with a personal phone call, but somehow your list of calls to make always seems to get longer instead of shorter. Days or even weeks go by before you place important calls, and there always seems to be something more important to do. Why not make this the month you get off the dime and get on the phone? Here are seven steps to make it easy for you." Read more.

C.J. a Contributing Author to Mastering the World of Marketing

C.J. contributed a chapter to the new book Mastering the World of Marketing by Eric Taylor and David Riklan, released in July 2011. The topic of her chapter is "Is This a Bad Time to Market?"

Article by C.J. for RetireWOW

C.J.'s article "Social Entrepreneurship: The New Face of Business" appeared in the Dec 2010 issue of the online magazine RetireWOW. C.J. writes: "There's a quiet revolution going on in the world of business called social entrepreneurship. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports that 81% of business executives now believe that 'corporate citizenship' should be a priority... But isn't the purpose of business to make a profit? Aren't businesses supposed to be focused on the bottom line? It appears that the very definition of these terms is changing. Increasingly, businesses are choosing to pursue what many are calling the "triple bottom line" of people, planet, and profits." Read more.

Interview with C.J. on The Coaching Show

C.J. was interviewed in August 2010 by Accomplishment Coaching founder Christopher McAuliffe on The Coaching Show. Her topic was "What's Stopping You from Getting Clients? Let's Fix It!" Listen here.

C.J.'s guest blog for Wealthy Freelancer

C.J. was featured as a guest blogger in May 2010 for The Wealthy Freelancer blog, writing on the topic "To Get More Clients, Keep It Simple."

C.J.'s article named most-read this year

The online sales resource center Salesopedia announced that their most-read article in 2009 was C.J.'s "Selling to the Bottom Line." C.J. writes: "If you've ever wondered why more people don't respond to your sales attempts and marketing messages, the first question to ask may be -- are you selling something that people are willing to spend money on?" Read more.

Profile of C.J. in Information Marketing Journal

The Oct 2009 issue of Information Marketing Journal profiled C.J. in "How C.J. Hayden Structured Her Business to Focus on Her Passion: Social Change." Here's an excerpt: "C.J. Hayden faces a unique challenge in her role as a coach to social entrepreneurs: finding a way to fund the support that people need. 'We look at earned income models,' she says. 'If there is a way for you to do what you want to do and have the people who are benefitting pay for it themselves, that's great. That's the simplest model to use. But if the population you want to serve cannot afford to pay you, then you need to look for third-party funding... it can be traditional nonprofit funding such as grants or donations, or it can be an earned income source from an unrelated activity of some kind. An example of earned income is a website that people can shop through and create affiliate fees as an income stream for your organization." Read more.

Article by C.J. in Home Business

In the Oct 2009 issue of Home Business Magazine, C.J. wrote about "Getting Started as a Consultant," saying: "Are you cut out to be a consultant? Consulting to businesses and organizations can result in higher earnings than working as an employee, provide you with needed income if you are laid off, and allow you to work from home. But success as a consultant isn't guaranteed. In this step-by-step guide, you'll learn how consultants work, the essential elements of starting a consulting practice, and how to land your first clients." Read more.

Article by C.J. in Coaching World

In the Feb 2009 issue of the International Coach Federation newsletter Coaching World, C.J. discussed "Coaching Social Entrepreneurs: Changing the World One Client at a Time." Says C.J.: "There's a revolution going on right under your nose. A new sector of the economy is employing 40 million people worldwide, and engaging 200 million more as volunteers. Instead of focusing on a profitable bottom line, the enterprises in this new arena are choosing to pursue a 'triple bottom line' of people, planet, and profits. The leaders of this movement are called social entrepreneurs, and you can coach them." Read more.

Article by C.J. in Choice Magazine

In the Sept 2008 issue of Choice: The Magazine of Professional Coaching, C.J. writes about "Coaching to Change the World," saying: "If we choose to coach anyone who can afford to pay us, the likely result is that those with the most disposable income will receive the most coaching. Is this truly the impact we would like to have on the world? On the other hand, when we decide to coach a population whose increased success creates a shift we would like to see in society, we become positive agents of change." Read more.

Article by C.J. in Home Business

In her article "Become a Consultant" in the Aug 2008 issue of Home Business, C.J. points out: "An economic downturn may seem like the wrong time to start your own business, but layoffs and downsizing can create new opportunities for one breed of entrepreneur -- the corporate consultant. Companies who lay off full-time workers still have many needs for specific skills, and frequently hire consultants on a short-term or project basis to fill these gaps. If you've been laid off yourself, working as a consultant can allow you to earn a good income while salaried jobs are scarce." Read more.

Article by C.J. in Choice Magazine

In her article "Coaching the Winners" in the Sept 2007 issue of Choice: The Magazine of Professional Coaching, C.J. writes: "Great coaches need great clients. So don't be afraid to claim your ideal clients and turn away those who won't bring out the best in you. Coaching only the winners will ultimately make you a more confident, successful coach." Read more.

Interview with C.J. in Business Networking Advice

C.J. was interviewed for Business Networking Advice in April 2007. C.J. advises: "...successful networking is more about your mindset than your skillset. People sometimes think they 'can't network' because they are not outgoing enough or don't enjoy meeting strangers. But these qualities are not prerequisites for networking. The place to begin is to approach it with the willingness to give generously of yourself and a genuine desire for reciprocity." Read more.

C.J. interviewed on Women's Radio

In a February 2007 interview on WomensRadio, C.J. explains that the biggest marketing mistake most small business owners make is, "They don't choose a specific target market and develop a plan to reach that unique group... They're afraid to limit themselves to a specific niche, so they market to everybody. But they don't have the resources in time or in money for that kind of marketing. It's like they're trying to market like Coca-Cola on a mom-and-pop budget. It's so essential to pick a niche... It's the only way that a small business can compete in a crowded marketplace."

C.J.'s interview in Priority Magazine

In the article "Fighting for Sales" in the July 2006 issue of Pitney Bowes Priority, C.J. points out, "A prospect who comes to you by referral or recommendation from somebody who knows you is infinitely more likely to actually become your customer than someone who comes to you from any other source."

Interview with C.J. in Sam's Club Source

In the January 2006 issue of Sam's Club Source magazine, C.J. shared tips on business resolutions for the new year in the article "Set Your 2006 Business Goals" by Kevin Orfield, including this insight:

1. Do what you enjoy. After all, you own the business, so you get to decide what to do. "Many businesses flounder because owners force themselves to do work they really don't care for or are working with clients they don't like," said C.J. Hayden, author of Get Clients Now! "That's when everything becomes a struggle." Read more.

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