Have you ever considered that you could love marketing? That it might be possible to market from a place of love, doing marketing activities that you love, all so you can serve the lovely clients you’re meant to serve?


Love is the answer.

Consider the possibility that the foundation of your marketing is based on something you truly love, something you might be inclined to do even if you didn’t get paid. A message you love sharing, in a way that you love sharing it.

Let’s use C.J. Hayden as an example. C.J. loves sharing marketing ideas with others, helping them to build businesses that fill their soul, their bank account, and create better lives for their clients. The way she most loves getting the word out about her work is via writing. For C.J., the foundation of love begins with making sure she uses her gifts in order to help others use theirs. It’s like a love sandwich: love of marketing + love of writing = client love.

Love is the answer.

When you build your marketing foundation from love, your life is a lot easier. You let go of the supposed-tos and have-tos, and enter a place where marketing is a natural extension of the work you do. And it’s more fun, too. Consider these three things while building your marketing foundation on love:

If you don’t love it, don’t bother.
There’s nothing worse than doing things you don’t like. If you’re not feeling the love, stop doing those marketing tasks that are bringing you down and move on to something else. I had a client tell me that she didn’t love doing some of her marketing tasks that she was sure she “had to” do, and amazingly nothing bad happened when she didn’t do them. Doing marketing you don’t love is bad for your soul, and likely to attract people you don’t want to work with.

If you’re not feeling the love, it may be time to change things up.
If you’ve been doing the same business thing too long, the love may not be there the way it used to be. If you’re being truthful, you may not love your business anymore, which will of course be reflected in the way you do your marketing. One client told me he was really good at building businesses, yet didn’t love doing it; if you’re going to do all that work, don’t you think you might want to love what you’re doing? Check-in with yourself to make sure your soul, your business, and your marketing are aligned, and be willing to make adjustments if necessary.

If what you’re doing isn’t producing results, let it go.
In order for your business to keep going, your marketing needs to produce results. Be careful not to kid yourself about how much marketing you’re doing, or what kind of results you’re getting, and only do those things that actually lead to business: challenge yourself to find something you love that also produces results. Yes, it is possible to find both; be willing to adjust your business and marketing until you find that sweet spot of love and results.

Taking the time to build your marketing from a place of love, such that it’s a true reflection of you and what your business offers, is the best way to have a healthy business that produces fantastic results for your clients.

Love is the answer.

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