When you think about following up, does it seem fun to you, or does it seem more like a hassle, a should, or something you wish you wanted to do? Surprisingly — or perhaps not so surprisingly — following up is something that quite a few of us don’t love doing. What if there was a way to make it fun? Read on for ideas on how to follow up in ways that actually sound good to you!

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Do It with a Buddy
Pick one of your favorite people to buddy up with and hold each other accountable. Rather than thinking of it as work, think up a fun name for the time you spend together (virtually or in person). For example, you can say things like, “How’s the alligator wrestling going?”

Do It in a Place You Love
There’s a story that Tony Robbins found it hard to make follow up calls, so he decided to do them from his hot tub to make them more interesting. Regardless of whether or not this story is true, maybe there’s a hot tub, or its equivalent, in your future!

Do It Wearing Your “Official” Clothes
Clothes have a way of creating different moods. Designate a jacket, sweater, special top or pants, or lucky socks as the thing you wear when you’re following up. Your mind will say, “Oh, look, it’s time to follow up because I’ve got my follow-up pants on!”

Do It with a Reward
You know that part of your brain you’re trying to convince that following up is a good idea? That same part of your brain really likes rewards! Pick something that you’ll look forward to and promise yourself you can have it as soon as you’re done with your follow-up work.

Do It with a Fantastic Soundtrack
What better way to get yourself in the mood to follow up than starting with some inspiring jams? You can energize yourself with the theme from Rocky, calm yourself with some Chopin, rearrange your brain with some acid jazz, or work out angst with hard rock and roll.

Do It with a Countdown Clock
You can think of following up as a game of beat the clock. Set a timer for a specific amount of time, let’s say 20 minutes, and set a goal for how many people you’d like to follow up with in that amount of time. This is perfect if you’ve got a competitive streak and love to win!

Do It Wearing a Silly Hat
Nothing says fun and festive like a silly hat. Wearing such a chapeau is certain to make you feel more light-hearted, which translates into an ease of spirit. When things feel festive and easier, you’re more likely to have a good time doing them.

Give some of these ideas a try and who knows — before too long, following up may become one of your favorite activities!

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