I was talking with a good friend and business colleague over dinner recently about being busy. She has very little free time: busy personal life, plus her business to run, and I the same. We both felt pinched for time and were longing for some space, literally and mentally, from those things that are required just to keep our businesses running on a daily basis. We agreed it seems as if there’s a giant mountain of things that we need to do that can sometimes feel like a heavy weight, and only when that work is complete do we have time to do other things.

Other things, such as marketing your business.

I have another colleague who spent a year chasing after a new offering in her business, working on it and testing it, and as she got closer to rolling it out she realized that she didn’t want it. It was a sound idea, yet left her feeling flat and uninspired. The time spent pursuing something that didn’t pan out was a wake-up call, a chance to stop and take in what she already knew: the direction she was pursuing for wasn’t right for her, and no amount of pushing or fancy marketing was going to make it better.

Is your marketing aligned with what you really want in your business, and does what you’re pursuing make sense?

What do you want to do with your work? What mix of things does it make sense to fill your time with, offerings that will make a joyful contribution to the life of your clients? What will keep you inspired to work in your business, and reach out to those you’d like to serve?

You’ve no doubt heard that this is your life and you get to choose what to do with it. The same goes for your business. Sometimes this knowledge grants you freedom, yet other times it may land as a heavy responsibility. Your business, and how you get the word out to those you can serve, needs to align with who you are, and what inspires you. Only then can you be an inspiration to others. Running a business is hard enough on its own; if you’re not feeling inspired, your clients won’t either.

Inspiration is a necessary part of business: the way you market and the way you deliver your services matter.

Fill your days with things that are meaningful to you. Take time to pursue what brings you and your clients value. Stay aligned with who you are. Your business, and your marketing, will thank you.

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