It might have happened that when you started your business, you told a few people what you were up to and clients just showed up. You may have had the good fortune of not having to work too hard to get noticed or think much about the details of your marketing; things just seemed to take off.

Building plans

(If you’re saying to yourself, “Is she for real? This actually happens to people, where they don’t have to struggle to get clients, especially at the beginning?” The answer is yes, it’s a real thing.)

And now you find yourself, several years in, realizing that because you’ve had your head down working, you didn’t put a lot of success ingredients in place to build a strong foundation for your marketing over the long term. Up until now it hasn’t mattered, but to keep your business progressing to the next level you realize it’s time to put your attention on getting some basics in place.

Having a solid foundation for your marketing makes your work as a business owner easy. It means having tools to keep you and your marketing humming along. Below are a few tools — some obvious and some less so — that can keep your business growing and thriving into the future.

1. The Low-Hanging Fruit – These low-hanging fruit options will give you a solid foundation to work from.

  • Ideal Client
    Knowing who you like to work with makes finding those clients a whole lot easier! ‘Nuff said.
  • Marketing Strategies
    Not all marketing strategies are created equal – some will be a better fit for you and your ideal clients.
  • Compelling Introduction
    In order to make a good impression on potential clients, you’ll want to introduce yourself and your business in a compelling way.

2. Next Step Options – Once your basic items are in place, consider this next level of foundation-building.

  • Marketing Plan
    Your plan doesn’t need to be elaborate. A simple one-page summary can go a long way toward keeping you on track.
  • Customer Management System
    A management system allows you to know who you’ve contacted, when, and about what, making follow-up and tracking easy.
  • Presentation Skills
    This means both knowing how to present in front of potential clients, as well as creating a presentation, such as a PowerPoint or handout.
  • Service Packages
    Clients like to feel taken care of, and having packages to choose from is a great way to let them know you care about what’s best for them.
  • Stay-in-Touch Strategy
    This means things like meeting for coffee quarterly, sending out a regular newsletter, or passing along articles of interest.
  • Speaking/Writing Topics
    Having topics you can pull from to speak or write about creates consistency in your message, allowing clients to get to know you better.

Make your business, and your marketing, easier by putting a solid foundation in place. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re doing what best serves your business — and ultimately your clients! — for years to come.

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