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Get Clients Now!C.J. Hayden’s best-selling book has become the marketing and sales bible for thousands of consultants, coaches, self-employed professionals, and salespeople. The GET CLIENTS NOW! book provides a complete sales and marketing system that’s simple to use, immediately effective, and can be customized to any service business. It’s a marketing cookbook, filled with foolproof recipes and the essential ingredients you need to succeed. The book was completely rewritten for 2013, and is now available in a new, updated edition.



The Get Clients Now!™ Companion

The Get Clients Now! CompanionFuel your business journey with these bursts of practical marketing and sales advice for self-employed professionals. For the first time, C.J. Hayden has collected fifty-two of her most popular articles, blog posts, and columns in one volume. Whether or not you’re a reader of C.J.’s original book Get Clients Now!, you’ll find a wealth of practical wisdom in these pages that you can immediately apply to your small business or private practice. Available in paperback and ebook editions.



The One-Person Marketing Plan™ Workbook

The One-Person Marketing Plan WorkbookAre you ready for the next step after GET CLIENTS NOW? With The One-Person Marketing Plan Workbook, you can create a six-month marketing plan to sustain your success. You’ll discover the answer to a crucial question: How much marketing will it take to reach your sales and revenue goals? You’ll learn how to choose the right tools and tactics for your situation and how to build a detailed marketing plan. This new 3rd edition of the workbook is available in paperback or as an ebook you can download immediately, in PDF or Kindle/Mobi format.



50 Ways Coaches Can Change the World Book

50 Ways Coaches Can Change the WorldCoaches, are you ready to change the world? Discover how you can make a valuable contribution to building a better world, starting today! Whether you are a life coach, business coach, executive coach, internal coach, or from any other coaching niche, this book will provide you with ideas, examples, and resources to make a difference. You’ll get to know your tribe — coaches who not only believe our world needs to change, but are working to change it right this moment. Available in paperback and as an ebook in multiple formats.



Person-to-Person Marketing™ Home-Study Course

Person-to-Person MarketingDo you struggle to find the right words when speaking about your business? This four-hour home-study course will help you learn exactly what to say — and how to say it — so people will want to do business with you. Do you sometimes feel resistant to marketing, and find yourself procrastinating or fearful? This course will help you overcome those obstacles and much more. Includes four 60-minute audio recordings on MP3 and a 24-page workbook.



Overcoming the Fear of Self-Promotion Audio Workshop

Overcoming Fear of Self-PromotionWhat is it that makes you hesitate to broadcast your accomplishments and capabilities? Reluctance to promote yourself holds you back from achieving personal fulfillment and financial success. Learn to overcome your resistance to marketing and selling and how to manage your fear of self-promotion in this 60-minute audio workshop. Available on CD or MP3 and includes a 2-page handout.




Get Hired Now!In a world where 85% of available jobs are never advertised, GET HIRED NOW! provides practical, hands-on techniques to help you or your clients tap into the hidden job market. This inspirational and motivational book teaches you how to take advantage of the single most important factor in a successful job search, the power of personal relationships. GET HIRED NOW! shows how to figure out what you want, find opportunities and contacts, connect with potential employers, get interviews, and land the job. It’s the ideal tool for any job-seeker or coach who works with clients in career transition.



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