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Get Clients Now! bookThe GET CLIENTS NOW! book was written with buddies and action groups in mind. The 28-day program outlined in the book is ideal for self-employed professionals to buddy up or team up to support each other while using the program to get clients. For more about how to best use a buddy or organize a team, see our Action Group & Reading Group Guidelines.

To find a buddy or group to work the program with, post a comment below, enter your email at the prompt, and select the option to be notified of replies to your comments. Others who come to this page looking for buddies or groups will reply to your comment, and you’ll receive their replies by email so you can connect further. You can also subscribe to all new comments left on this page without leaving a comment yourself.

Please take a moment to look through the already-posted comments and reply to anyone seeking a buddy or group that seems like a fit. When you do, be sure to provide the original poster with a way to get in touch with you directly. We recommend you include a link to your website or to your LinkedIn profile when filling out the comment prompts.


  1. Phil Jackson

    Hi, I’m Phil and am looking for a GCN buddy. Let me know and let’s get going!!!

    • LaToya Maddox

      I am also interested. I am on the eastern time zone as well.

      • Eunice

        Hi there!

        I have the book and would love to chat to see if we’d work well together.

    • Timothy J Kiely

      Hi Phil,
      I just found the book and I’m eager to get to work. I’d love to be part of a group beginning sometime in the next few weeks.

    • bobby singh

      Phil Jackson hello, I have received the book and i want to apply what’s in the book. I am interested in GCN buddy. Kindly respond so we can start working together.

      Kind Regards


    • Phil "Dyson" Barnett

      Hey Phil , I am a small business owner and I am too looking for a GCN buddy

      • Phil Jackson

        Hey Dyson,
        Let’s talk by phone or video and see if we’re a fit! I’ve been so busy in startup mode that I haven’t really focused on marketing. Until NOW.

  2. LeAnna Brennan Sanders

    Thank you C.J. and Kris,
    I’ve got a few irons in fires that are keeping me busy and I’m so glad to know of this for the future.

  3. Alisia

    I’m seeking a buddy and am in the Eastern Time Zone

    • Tim Kiely

      Hi Alisia,
      Are you still looking for an accountability buddy? I’m just about to start the 28 days.

  4. Jack Klemeyer

    Very excited for a buddy and seeing how this works

    • Dana Gordo

      Hi Jack
      Have you found a group or buddy yet? If you are still interested, we could buddy up! My email:

  5. Sami Khondakar

    Hey Fellas, I’m Sami Khondakar. I’m the founder of BrandoPro, we help businesses to build an online presence and get more leads-sales.
    I’m new here in GCN, digging now a bit more. 🤟

  6. bobby singh

    Can any one help me with GCN buddy. I have completed my worksheets. I need someone with whom I can work to get this implementations done.

    Kindly respond, I am eager to hear a response.

  7. Dana Gordo

    Hi there. I’m Dana and just got the GCN book. Looking for a buddy/group preferably in Western Canada.

    • bobby

      dana Gordo, I am interested. I am in Indian time but happy to work around your time.

      Kindly email me. –

      • Lana Morris

        Hi I’m Lana and I have just discovered the book (bit late to the party 😂). I’d really appreciate a buddy or group to join – UK time zone if possible!

  8. Sampath Subramanian

    Hi There

    I’am Sampath from Canberra, Australia. I have the GCN book. Looking for a buddy/group. Happy to work with your time. My time is GMT+10.5 hours.


  9. Jacquelin Stoner

    My name is Jacquelin Stoner, I’m A Christian Life Coach and really looking for a GCN buddy/group. I live in PA so am on eastern time zone. I have been struggling on my own trying to build a solid foundation of clients. Anyone want to join me?

    • James

      Hi, Jacquelin – My name is James “Jamie” Walsh. I am an ADHD & Life Coach and I would love to work through this book with you if you are still interested and haven’t found anyone. Feel free to respond or email me at Thanks!



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