Writing is a great way to build your business, and whether you’re new to it, or have been doing it for some time, there are ways to make it easy. Below are ideas on how to write so that it can be simple, fun, and effective to accomplish, and create a steady stream of interest in your services.

Who, what, when, where, why

What to Write

Finding inspiration for what to write is, at times, daunting. Inspiration is all around, though, and often times it’s a matter of adjusting your perception to see it. Just finished a client session? There’s an article in that! Put in the hard work to build your business? There’s an article in that, as well. Understand the intricacies of entrepreneurial cash flow? You guessed it — there’s also an article there.

When to Write

Often times writing seems like the kind of thing you do when the mood hits. However, there is a way to ensure the mood hits at the same time daily or weekly. Recognize when your most creative hours are during the day and set them aside exclusively for writing. You can also use a playlist, physical location, and other writing prompts to get the juices flowing.

Who to Write (to)

Not sure who your writing is for? Writing is easier if you have a specific audience in mind, and the way to make that easier still is to write directly to a specific person. What client exemplifies your ideal? What do they need to know? By running your writing through the filter of someone you love working with, you’re predisposing yourself to write something helpful for your ideal audience in general.

Where to Write

I had an exchange recently with a colleague, who’s a professional writer, about places we enjoy writing. She said she’d (recently) spent the afternoon in front of a Rothko painting creating some marketing copy and sketching out ideas; she loved having a creative backdrop as inspiration. Writing doesn’t always have to be at a desk. Pick a place that inspires you and let the ideas commence.

Why to Write

Writing is a great way to build your visibility and credibility. When potential clients see what you stand for, as well as your writings about things that are important to them, they’ll feel seen, heard, and relatable, which makes them more likely to hire you. Write because you love it, and because you have something you want to say, and let the flow begin from there.

How to Write

How you accomplish your writing is more flexible than you might think — it doesn’t have to happen at your desk on your computer. You can go old school and use paper and pen (or pencil!). Or you can embrace small electronics and use a tablet or dictation software. I’m writing this article on my phone, between appointments, and I’m loving it: quick, easy, convenient, and portable.

As you can see from this exploration, writing can be an easy way to garner the attention of potential clients and share your expertise with the world. Go to the park, grab your phone or pad, and let the writing begin!

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