Never say die!

This familiar battle cry speaks to what’s required if you are in business for any length of time. Having a business requires persistence: persistence in showing up to do your work every day, persistence in delivering the value your company offers, and persistence in your marketing.

How persistent are you, marketing-wise?

Persistence is the quality that keeps you coming back, a gritty determination that you’re here to do what you set out to do: run a successful company delivering value to those you serve.

Here are three ways persistence works in your favor in a marketing context.

Your why is clear.
Why are you running your business? Sure, there’s the surface reason, yet what about the underlying reason, the one that you’re so passionate about it almost brings tears to your eyes when you think about it? When you’re tied to that reason, being persistent in your marketing is easy. You have a mission to fulfill and marketing is one vehicle to help you do that.

It makes marketing easier.
You’re here to deliver value to your potential clients, delivering value means they need to know about you, and in order for them to discover you, they have to find you. Therefore, your mission is to make yourself find-able. Using one or two reliable marketing strategies and persisting with them over the long haul makes being find-able easier.

It builds trust.
Clients want to feel taken care of, that you’ll be there for them, and that means showing up, day after day. Clients are looking to you for inspiration and guidance, and if they see you persist year-after-year it gives them hope they can, too. There’s a lot to be said for showing up, persistently pursuing your mission.

In what ways are you tenacious, holding tightly to your why and bringing it to the world? Spend some time today looking at the ways you already persist and acknowledge yourself for them; there-in lies the key to future marketing ease.

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