How successful do you feel in your business?

Success has a certain vibe about it, one you can recognize and feel in your bones. And yet, it’s easy to live out of an outdated definition without realizing you’re doing it, making you feel unsuccessful. Have you looked at how you’re defining success recently? You might be ready to reinvent what success looks and feels like; updating your definition will do wonders for both your business and your psyche.

Push to reset the world

Let me give you an example. For years, success in my business meant several things: working with clients one-on-one, decent cash flow, and freedom to work and play on my own schedule. While those criteria still apply, I’ve added / revised / re-imagined how they show up in my business.

Now the emphasis is more on writing and creating, and I’ve launched a community called the Reinvention Journey, a fun group-oriented way to support my clients. These days, success is less dependent on the hours I spend on things, and more about the impact I’m having with the hours I’m working, no matter how many or few they are.

Take a few minutes to reflect on how you’re defining success. Does that definition still make sense, or does it need some tweaking? How can you revamp what success means in such a way that you feel good about how things are going now, and are incentivized to create new ways of working that are perfect for you and your clients?

Giving yourself the gift of this introspection will reap great rewards into the future for you, your business, and those you serve — and that sounds like success to me!

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