Are your marketing activities in need of a boost? Motivation? Inspiration? Consider adopting a muse.


A muse is a person or being that serves as a source of inspiration. To adopt a muse means to intentionally choose a model individual to inspire your work. I often explain to my clients and students that choosing and following a muse can guide you as a self-employed professional to sort out what you need to do in order to market yourself successfully.

Here are five Marketing Muses you might consider adopting. Each one embodies a different set of abilities and personal qualities which you might be able to relate to, or to emulate.

  1. The Networker – This muse loves to attend events, meet new people, and expand his circle of contacts. He’s often found engaged in conversation, either in person or online. The Networker gets business by becoming acquainted with a wide range of people, getting to know them, and staying in touch with them over time.
  2. The Writer – The Writer muse authors articles, blog posts, case studies, or even a book. She builds her credibility and inspires trust by becoming known as an expert resource. As she continues to publish and promote what she writes, she stays visible to her target market. When they need someone with her specialty, they naturally think of her first.
  3. The Speaker – Often found at the front of the room instead of in the audience, this muse enjoys sharing his expertise interactively. Whether he’s speaking at a professional meeting or delivering a webinar, he lands new clients by giving his audience a taste of what he can do. The Speaker makes a positive connection with his listeners that leads them to want more.
  4. The Colleague – Unlike the Networker, the Colleague prefers interacting with people one-on-one. She may think of herself as being shy or an introvert, but instead of seeing this as a disadvantage, leans on her strength: relating to people more intimately. You’ll often find the Colleague meeting someone for lunch or coffee, and these meetings lead to ongoing referral relationships.
  5. The Cold-Caller – Not everyone dislikes making cold calls. The telephone is the Cold-Caller’s friend. He loves the challenge of finding the right person to talk to, and the rhythm of placing one call after another. Rather than feeling rejected when he hears “no thanks,” he’s happy to move on to the next call. Each new conversation holds the promise of a welcoming response and ultimately, a sale.

Do none of those examples seem like the best model for you to follow? Invent your own Marketing Muse. Consider the type of activities you are naturally drawn to that might be useful for marketing your business. What are the environments in which you thrive? What personal strengths do you possess? The answers to these questions will suggest what might be the right muse for you to adopt.

Whenever you’re feeling confused, discouraged, or stuck about marketing your business, invoke your personal Marketing Muse. Following the example of a model for success — one that you’ve chosen yourself — may give you just the inspiration you need.

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