In the Get Clients Now! program, the 28-day marketing plan you design for yourself should include two different types of action-oriented elements: Success Ingredients and Daily Actions. During the course of the 28 days, you’ll work on projects and you’ll take action steps. With projects, you’ll acquire tools or skills you need for your marketing. With actions, you’ll take steps that lead directly to achieving your 28-day marketing goal.


Even if you’re a veteran of the 28-day program, it’s possible to get tangled up when designing your projects, which are called Success Ingredients, and the tasks necessary to achieve your marketing goal, which are called Daily Actions.

Here are the definitions found in the Get Clients Now! book:

  • Success Ingredients – the missing ingredients you need to be successful in your marketing and that you plan to create during the program
  • Daily Actions – ten specific steps you plan to take on a daily or weekly basis during the program

Success Ingredients are based on projects; their creation has a defined beginning and end. A Success Ingredient is expressed as the end result you want to achieve.

Daily Actions are steps you could take repeatedly, every day or every week, theoretically forever; they do not expire. A Daily Action is expressed as a phrase that describes what you will do and how often.

Here are examples of Success Ingredients:

  • Blog
  • Website
  • Speaking venues
  • Brochure
  • List of trade journals
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Contact management system

Each of these Success Ingredients may have a to-do list attached; that is, a list of items necessary to complete the project. As an example, if you choose “website,” you might have a to-do list that includes: find web designer, decide how much money to spend on building the site, or scouring the Internet for websites you like the look of. As you move through the 28-day program, Success Ingredients are measured as percentage completed.

Here are examples of Daily Actions:

  • Submit 1 article per week to a trade journal
  • Contact 6 biopharmaceutical companies by phone each week
  • Enter new contacts and updated information into my contact management system daily
  • Attend a networking event once per week
  • Answer questions on LinkedIn twice per week
  • Write 250 words daily
  • Send out my newsletter once per week

Daily Actions must be done at least once per week. If it’s something that happens only once a month, then it’s not eligible to be a Daily Action. These are measured with a yes or no: you either did them, or you didn’t.

Choosing items as Success Ingredients vs. Daily Actions
Some to-do items could require both a Success Ingredient and a Daily Action. Others could potentially be designed as either a Success Ingredient or a Daily Action, but you would express them differently. Some examples:

  • To-do item: Look for schools to give my flyers to and go to 10 schools by the end of the month
    • Success Ingredient: List of schools
    • Daily Action: Deliver my flyer to 2 schools per week
  • To-do item: Add 20 new social media connections each week and interact with them
    • Success Ingredient: Social media connections
    • Daily Action: Spend 1/2 hour per day interacting with my social media connections
  • To-do item: Launch a new coaching program
    • Success Ingredient: Coaching program sales page
    • Daily Action: Pitch my new coaching program to one person each day

Whether designing a Success Ingredient or a Daily Action, remember that specificity is important; a confused mind doesn’t accomplish tasks very well. Once you understand the distinction between a Success Ingredient and a Daily Action, your 28-day program can be even more successful. You’ll be able to rely more on the Persistence Effect and have a clear course of action for 28 days.

When in doubt, use the Success Ingredient Shopping List and the Action Plan Menu from the Get Clients Now! book to select appropriate items or guide you in designing your own. Remember this is your program — choose items that make sense for your unique situation and have fun achieving your goal!

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