Now that the world’s opening up, and you’re creating a “new normal” for your work, chances are you’ve got a vision that’s forming, one you’d like to bring to life.

Which may leave you wondering… how are you supposed to do that, exactly?

In this video, I share a quick process to create a plan from your vision. Take each step one by one, and remember to move at a pace that’s good for you -– but to keep moving — and you’ll be all set to go!


Kristine is the Director of Licensing and Training for Get Clients Now!, overseeing our licensed facilitator program and in-house trainings. She attended the Academy for Coaching Excellence and holds the designation Board Certified Coach. Kris teaches classes at the Small Business Admin, runs mastermind groups, and facilitates the Get Clients Now! 28-Day Program. Find out how you can work with Kris as your business coach or attend one of her upcoming programs.

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