In working with successful business owners, one of the traits I see come up often is that of being a leader. Some are natural leaders, comfortable with being in charge; others have reluctantly taken on the role. If you seem to have leadership in your bones, fantastic! However, if you find yourself more of a reluctant leader, you’ll want to develop your leadership skills so you can step more into the role.

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Being a leader doesn’t necessarily mean being a take-charge, my-way-or-the-highway type of person. Being a leader means being willing to say the buck stops here and hold yourself, and those you work with, accountable.

When you choose to be a leader, and demonstrate this accountability, you’re protecting the integrity of your business. The marketing you use to advertise your services should be aligned with your leadership and integrity, and when it is, getting clients can be easy.

To develop your leadership abilities, try these ideas. Your business, your marketing, and those you work with — both colleagues and clients, will be glad you did.

Pick leaders you admire and emulate them for a day. Invite them to be on your inner board of directors and consult with them as you build your own leadership muscle. How would they approach this situation, challenge, or opportunity? What words of wisdom do they have for you?

Get a mentor. Who do you know who could act as a mentor to you? Are there people in your field, perhaps some you know, who run their business with integrity? Meet with them and ask if they’d be willing to mentor you into becoming the leader you aspire to be.

Develop your own unique leadership style. As you read articles and talk to others about leadership, each will have their own ideas about how to be a leader. Ultimately you are the one who decides what being a leader means to you, and how you want to exhibit that.

Give yourself the challenge of being a leader in your business and let your marketing reflect your leadership; call your boldness forward and allow your business to thrive as a result!

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