CalendarWorking with clients over the years, I’ve seen the impact a work schedule can make. Creating the right schedule can sometimes be a tricky thing; the good news is, when you find a schedule that works for you, it can make a big difference in being productive, getting your marketing done regularly, and feeling on top of things. While there is no empirically “right” way to schedule yourself, there are a few things to consider.

How do you prefer to work?

Are you a morning person or more of a night owl? Do you love to see people in-person, or is doing business over the phone or internet more your style?

For example, I have a colleague who does most of her business on-line and via teleconference, with most of her appointments in the mid-day when she feels most chatty; she does writing and other low-key marketing activities in the early morning when her brain is better suited to that type of focus.

Are you a batcher or a regular-tasker?
Do you prefer to work in batches, or at more of an on-going pace?

One client I have does most of her work in batches, setting aside large chunks of time where she can focus on each item until it’s complete. Another client does it the opposite way, setting aside regular snippets of time, preferring to do things on a more ongoing basis.

A colleague of mine has yet another tactic: he schedules his in-person marketing work – meeting people for coffee, that type of thing – for certain days of the week and month. He sets aside specific time on his calendar so he can easily meet with others, as well as dedicated work time at his desk for other types of outreach. By using both types of scheduling, he’s increased his capacity to focus on one type of work at a time and easily keep his commitments.

Whether you’re a batcher or a regular-tasker, it’s important to arrange your schedule so you can be most productive with your time.

Accountability & Marketing Made Easy

Give yourself the gift of reviewing your calendar and notice how you have your days set up. Knowing the best time to work and your personal work style – what types of tasks you like to do, in what way and at what time of the day – will go a long way toward increasing your productivity and accountability. Experiment with different ways of working and scheduling until find your Goldilocks spot, and let the work fun begin!


Kristine is the Director of Licensing and Training for Get Clients Now!, overseeing our licensed facilitator program and in-house trainings. She attended the Academy for Coaching Excellence and holds the designation Board Certified Coach. Kris teaches classes at the Small Business Admin, runs mastermind groups, and facilitates the Get Clients Now! 28-Day Program. Find out how you can work with Kris as your business coach or attend one of her upcoming programs.

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