As a service-based professional, you’re likely familiar with marketing basics, yet are you taking advantage of advanced maneuvers beyond those? If you’re not sure what the difference is between the basics and the advanced, keep reading to learn more about the distinction, and why you may want to consider moving beyond the familiar.

Marketing Basics are those things that apply to the foundation of your business, things that help ensure you know who to talk to, and what to offer, and how to keep your business organized. Some of these basics include:

  • 30-second introduction
  • Market niche definition
  • Business cards
  • Follow-up strategy
  • Contact management system

(If you’d like to brush up on your basics, you can read more about building your marketing foundation here.)

Advanced Maneuvers are those things that take you beyond the basics, things that stretch you as a business owner, service provider, and human being. Examples of these advanced moves include:

  • Creating a schedule that supports you
  • Tapping into a like-minded network of professionals
  • Mastering the art of a sales conversation
  • Having a vetted process to take clients through
  • Knowing your Super Powers and using them regularly

It’s a must as a business owner that you have the basics in place; they’ll make running your business, and taking care of your clients, easier. The basics are plenty to get you by, and if you never graduate to advanced maneuvers you’ll likely do just fine. In fact, you’ll likely be better than fine, as many business owners never master the basics. Why bother with anything beyond the basics, then?

Making the Case for Advanced Maneuvers
Advanced moves take you beyond your current level of competence, asking something deeper from you. This level of deeper knowledge makes you more effective with clients, more efficient at marketing and running your business, and more fulfilled and satisfied with how you spend your days. A fulfilled you = fulfilled clients = a fulfilled business. It’s an easy formula for success.

Getting into the Advanced Arena
Here are some simple tactics that will move you into the advanced arena in no time.

Time. Give yourself and your business the gift of time. Allow yourself to linger, ponder, investigate, and take the time necessary to check things out and do them right.

Focus. Where does your attention go? Staying present to where you’re at, and what’s happening right now, sharpens your mind and your focus.

Profit. Notice where you spend your time and energy, making sure it’s where you’ll get the most return in terms of client and personal satisfaction, as well as profit.

Practice. Devote the recommended 10,000 hours to becoming a master of your craft and experience the results and ease it brings.

Decide. A lot of running a successful business is deciding that’s what you’re going to do. Decide to move beyond the basics and let the decision carry you forward.

Support. Gather with other like-minded business souls to brainstorm, share client stories, compare strategies, and normalize what you’re going through.

Showing up. Woody Allen famously said, “Eighty percent of life is showing up.” That’s true in business as well.

If you’re ready to go beyond the day-to-day and discover what’s truly possible for you, investigate these advanced maneuvers. You, your business, and your clients, will be glad you did.

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