Perhaps these questions sound familiar:
What happens if I use the wrong marketing strategy?
Is there such a thing as a wrong marketing strategy?


These questions are common if you’re a service-based business looking to market your services; it’s easy to think you’re doing marketing all wrong.

And maybe you are.

While there is no real right or wrong way when it comes to marketing your business, there is such a thing as choosing a marketing strategy that isn’t the right fit for you and your ideal customers – strategies that can make marketing feel harder – and this can have negative consequences.

Here are four approaches that fall into the wrong category, and what you can do about them.

Thinking you’re a failure.

When you use a marketing strategy, like giving a speech to get business when you’re not that excited about speaking, for instance, chances are it won’t go as well as you’d hoped if you’re not an expert at that strategy. This can make you feel like something’s wrong and have the unwanted effect of you feeling like you’re a failure. Actually, nothing’s wrong with you; you and that particular marketing strategy just may not be a good fit. Before you conclude that you’re a failure, double check that what you’re trying is reasonable for you and those you’re trying to reach.

Doing what someone else says you have to do.

Each profession has a list of things the experts say you have to do in order to be successful, and it’s wise to question these have to’s. Speaking to a Real Estate agent the other day, I found out that she’d been told she had to get doormats with her name and picture on them for open houses, something she wasn’t interested in, yet she felt pressure to do it because her colleagues were. Anytime someone tells you that you have to do something, ask yourself if it’s true for you; there are very few empirical marketing truths that require this kind of devotion.

Working too hard.

It can often be the case that when you start working a new marketing strategy you give it your all. Sometimes, though, you end up putting out more effort than necessary, and more than is equal to the results you get back. For instance, if you go to two networking events one week, and get little interest in your services, you may need to evaluate if networking the right avenue for your skills, if it’s the right place to meet your ideal client, or if your 30-second pitch is appropriate. Look at what you’re doing and adjust accordingly; there’s no reason to work harder than you need to.

Getting minimal results.

When you choose a marketing strategy that you’re not that good at or interested in, chances are you won’t be that successful using it. It doesn’t matter that others may use it to get clients and promote their businesses; if it’s not your thing, it won’t go as smoothly, which means it’ll produce marginal results. I’m sure you know how frustrating it is to work hard to get the word out and only achieve minimal results. If this your experience, it’s time to evaluate if you’re using marketing strategies that are the best fit for you and your potential clients and re-evaluate your approach.

Remember that while it’s important to market your business, it’s just as important to market the right way: a way that’s the best fit for you and your clients. If you feel like you’re a failure, it’s time to re-examine your marketing strategies and pick ones that reflect you and your best clients. Here’s to getting the word out in a way that’s the best fit for you *and* your clients!

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