I’m not sure where I first heard the term but I fell in love with it immediately: Circling Dallas. Being a Texan I naturally think everything orbits the Lone Star State; however, that’s not what I’m talking about. Circling Dallas refers to that state where you are going somewhere and you just can’t seem to land. You could be going to an event and you just can’t seem to make it out the door. Or you’re going to write an article and you can’t sit down and get typing. Or, you’re going to get around to your marketing any minute now, just as soon as you do the dishes, walk the dog, rearrange your desk, and plant those petunias. Even if you’ve gone to the effort of making a marketing calendar, and choosing your preferred marketing strategies, you find yourself still not taking the necessary steps to get going. Instead of getting busy, you stay at a distance, looking down at the thing and considering it. You’re Circling Dallas.

Consider the last time you Circled Dallas — what was going on? Fear, procrastination in one of its many forms, lack of focus? How were you feeling and how were you being? Feeling lousy about not taking the action? Being avoidant or unconscious? Sometimes I want to go so far as to put my hands over my ears and go “la la la la la la la” to make the internal nagging go away. Nagging, by the way, which would go away if I had just taken the action.

If you find yourself Circling Dallas, here are two quick and easy techniques you can use to help yourself land.

Sit still in the place where the action needs to happen

Make yourself sit down (that’s how this article finally got written). Stop moving around the house, checking the mail, chatting with the neighbor, playing with the dog or doing the dishes. Sit down, open up your computer or pick up the phone, and you’re doing your marketing. If you “act as if” long enough, you’ll act your way right into doing the task. Sometimes all that needs to happen is to go to the place and compel yourself to be there, and the action shows up.

Take an interim step

Circling Dallas can act as a way to not take action on something, yet it doesn’t mean you can’t take action on something else. You can think of this as a push start; pick an item that feels fun or easy, and start with that. Once you’ve got some momentum built up, switch to your Circling Dallas task and notice how much easier it seems. As you know, it’s much easier to stay moving once you’re already in motion, so pick what’s easiest and let the momentum carry you forward to your other tasks.

Next time you find yourself Circling Dallas, remember to spend time in a spot that’s conducive to work, act as if you’re working, and start with something simple to get you moving. Before long, your marketing will be on the move!

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