There are days when you wake up ready to go, eager to get the word out about your offerings, and then there are other days when, well… you’re just not feeling as eager, or clear, or motivated, or… *sigh*

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Is there anything you can you do on those days when it feels harder to do the marketing you really — truly! — want to (and need) to do? Yes, of course there is. Enter…


Making things fun is a great way to entice yourself to do almost anything, and marketing is no exception. When you’re having a good time, you’re activating the dopamine in your brain and giving yourself little hits of bliss. Use that bliss to your advantage, and your brain will look forward to tackling your to-dos.

Here are three ways you can activate this blissful cycle and have more fun getting your marketing (and business) items done.

Measure Your Progress
One of my clients loves being competitive with himself, and he uses this to his advantage when working through his to-do list. For every task on the list, he assigns a certain number of points, which vary depending on the difficulty of the task. He gives himself a weekly goal of earning X amount of points, and if he hits his goal, he gets a reward. His current reward is putting $20 away for every point goal achieved, and he’s starting to accumulate quite a money bank! What system of measuring can you devise that makes tracking your progress fun?

Go Somewhere Inspiring
Your physical environment plays a large role in your motivation, mood, and creativity. My hunch is there’s a place you love being in, that you find fun, and that you can use as a place to work on your marketing to-do list. One of my colleagues finds it peaceful and inspiring to work at the local art museum, and it’s fun for her to travel downtown. She does much of her marketing writing sitting in front of a favorite painting, allowing her to get things done and have a good time doing it. Where do you love to go that you can use as a work spot, even if it’s a bit unconventional?

Create a Soundtrack
Music has magical powers; it can elevate your mood, put you into a certain mindset, and place you in an atmosphere of creative energy. While some music may be difficult to work to, there is often a type of music that transports you into another dimension. If you use that magic, you can radically transform your attitude toward your marketing activities. Put your special soundtrack on, adopt a theme song, and get into the headspace of marketing. Do I hear the theme from Rocky playing? What theme song can you adopt to conjure your marketing magic?

Finding a fun way to tackle your marketing to-do list and complete your business items makes the reality of getting things done much easier. Give these ideas a try, and let the good times roll!

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