It’s easy to get caught up in how to find clients. And while picking marketing strategies that are right for you and your target market, and doing them consistently, is important (very important!), there’s another aspect to getting clients that’s not talked about as often.

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Loving-up those you serve.

When you work with people you truly enjoy, some miraculous things happen:
* Your current clients feel your love and love you back.
* You’re energized by your work.
* You’re more attractive to potential clients.
* You become a client magnet.

Not sure how to love-up those you serve? Here are some ideas:
* Tell them verbally how much you appreciate the work you do together.
* Write them a note and send it via snail-mail.
* Send them an online card celebrating the season (Spring time, New Year’s, etc.).
* Remember their birthday with a card or small gift.
* Spotlight them on your blog or social media.
* Pass along articles you know they’ll enjoy with a note saying you’re thinking of them.
* Take them out for coffee or lunch.
* Get them a gift card from a coffee shop they like.
* Offer a small bonus that’s in alignment with the work you do together.
* Send them a book you’ve inscribed to them with gratitude.

People love to feel appreciated and special, and your clients are no different. Taking the time to share how much they mean to you can make a world of difference. By showing your gratitude for them, their trust and vulnerability, you’ll have an extra spring in your step, and people are drawn to you. Which brings us to the question: How would you like to show your love for your clients today?

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