When talking with a potential client, do you find yourself being too vague when describing your business? Don’t worry! This trap is easy to fall into — and easy to get out of.


When it comes to having sales conversations, specificity is king.

When I graduated from coaching school, I had very limited experience with sharing the benefits of coaching with potential clients, and asking if they’d like to work together. My pitch went something like, “Have you ever wanted to accomplish a goal? I can help you with that!” I went on to say other useful things, such as, “I can help you achieve your dreams,” and “Whatever you want to work on, coaching can help you get there.” Talking in this bigger picture way was too vague for people to understand what I was offering and why they might want it. Needless to say, I didn’t get many takers.

Being specific is the key to changing this dynamic. Think back to the most recent sales conversation you had where the client didn’t say yes — were you being specific enough? Read though these tips about how to create specificity when talking to potential clients, and see how they can increase the chances of someone hiring you.

Get Specific About What You’re Selling

If you don’t know what you’re selling, it’s going to be hard to sell it. This is especially true if you have a niche that’s on the less tangible side. You need to know how to describe your offerings using words (and maybe pictures) that make sense to others who don’t understand what you do. For example, “I’m offering business coaching” can become “I’d like to have a 30-minute conversation with you to help you identify the three biggest pitfalls in your business and how coaching can help you address them.” The more specific you are, the closer you can get to a yes.

Be Specific About What You Want Someone to Say Yes To

What are you asking your potential client to do? Are you asking them to buy a single consulting session? Do you want them to sign up for a complimentary discovery call? Would you like them to purchase a package of organizing clean-ups? Remember that a confused mind doesn’t buy, so give them something concrete to purchase and keep your offer simple.

Give Specific Examples

Provide your prospects with examples of people you’ve worked with before, so they can better understand the impact of what you do. Share examples of past clients who’ve faced similar challenges, and how they were triumphant. Help them see themselves through their stuck places, and achieving amazing results. Your examples will create a feeling of possibility, which leads to more prospects signing on.

Ask a Specific Question

Sometimes the person you’re talking with may not realize you’re trying to have a sales conversation with them, so make it obvious! While there are people who will make the mental leap from your conversation to hiring you, not everyone will. You’ll have more success if you ask, as clearly as possible, if they’re ready to work with you.

Taking the time to hone in on what you’re offering, giving concrete examples, and asking someone directly if they’d like to work with you is a great formula for sales success. You can approach your next conversation with a potential client with confidence using these tips as guidelines, knowing you’ve given them the specific information they need to to give you a hearty yes to working together.

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