Is there really a secret formula for marketing? Yes.


The secret formula is this:
Find a marketing strategy that you like, that you’ll use, that’s enjoyable for you, that you know how to do, that reaches your ideal client, and that produces results. Then do it over and over until you have the amount of business you want.

Pretty simple when you look at it that way.

Fear may start to creep in, though, when you break that sentence down.
What if I don’t like any marketing strategies?
What if I don’t know how to “do” marketing?
What if I don’t like doing any kind of marketing?
What if what I do doesn’t reach my ideal client?
What if what I like doesn’t produce results?

If you find yourself tangled up in the formula and feeling fearful and stuck, try these techniques to see how you can approach your marketing with more ease, confidence, and results.

Review your week
What did you do, literally? If you’re not sure, keep a journal this week of what you do every day. Emails, clients, phone calls, lunches, conversations, going to a party, checking Facebook or LinkedIn.

Broaden your definition of marketing
All the things listed above are marketing opportunities. That party you attended, where someone asked you what you did for a living? When you answered them, that was marketing. Whether you thought of it as your 30-second elevator pitch or not, it still counts as marketing.

Look for your marketing genius
Does it feel easy for you to talk directly to people, or to initiate a conversation? Do you love pulling words together on the page? Maybe you have a knack for putting together ads that make people want to buy. Look for where you get energized, then look for the marketing opportunity hidden inside.

Speak to your ideal clients
If you haven’t reviewed who your ideal client is recently, you’re likely working harder than you need to. Knowing your ideal client allows you to redirect your marketing where you’ll get more results. (If you don’t know how to discover your ideal client, check out these tips.)

Speaking of results…
Congratulations, you found your marketing genius! However, even the best executed marketing is ineffective if it’s aimed in the wrong direction or carries the wrong message. It’s entirely possible that you’re talking to the wrong people (see above), or that your message isn’t clear. Make sure where you’re putting your efforts is getting you the results you want.

Putting it all together

  1. Look at what activities you do each week, who you talk to, where you go. Make a list of what marketing activities you’re naturally doing.
  2. Make sure the marketing you’re doing is fun, or easy, or interesting to you, so you’ll do more of it.
  3. Focus on your ideal client and make sure you’re talking directly to them with your marketing messages.
  4. Track your marketing to see where you’re producing the most results, and do more of those things. This may mean leaving your comfort zone as you adjust your approach.
  5. Side note: It’s OK to experiment with different ideal clients and different marketing strategies until you find the mix that’s just right for you.

With a bit of attention and tweaking you can master the marketing formula and overcome any of your marketing fears!


Kristine is the Director of Licensing and Training for Get Clients Now!, overseeing our licensed facilitator program and in-house trainings. She attended the Academy for Coaching Excellence and holds the designation Board Certified Coach. Kris teaches classes at the Small Business Admin, runs mastermind groups, and facilitates the Get Clients Now! 28-Day Program. Find out how you can work with Kris as your business coach or attend one of her upcoming programs.

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