A large part of the secret sauce for marketing is your mindset.

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Not sure if you can be a good networker?
Not sure if you can write a blog?
Not sure if you can represent your company at a trade show?

You can!

When it comes to marketing, the odds of success will be stacked disproportionately in your favor if you have a positive mindset. This means believing in yourself, remembering why you love your business, and taking inspired action. Even if you need to learn a new skill or technique, or stretch beyond your comfort zone, your can-do attitude can carry you through.

Nervous at the prospect of you and your business being more visible?
Scared people will think your marketing copy is cheesy?
Feeling squeamish at the thought that someone might not want to do business with you?

It’s OK!

Being nervous, scared, and shy, as well as determined, visionary, and inspired — that’s just a normal Tuesday for those of us in business for ourselves.

Turning any opportunity into a marketing success is a combination of being clear on what you’re after and taking the action necessary to bring it to life. It means not taking no for an answer and sticking to your marketing plan, however shaky you may feel getting it off the ground. It also means not giving in to the naysayer voice in your head telling you to stop what you’re doing.

If you’re feeling just a wee bit stuck, here are three ways you can shift your mindset quickly.

1. Picture your happy place.
Create a collection of pictures and words that represent your happy place. Looking at your collection for as little as 30 seconds can be enough to shift your mood!

2. Reconnect with your why.
There’s a reason why you started your business. Remembering that, and connecting it to the marketing you’re about to do, will give you a positive boost.

3. Read an inspiring story.
Who do you admire? Reading stories of those who’ve tackled something challenging and overcome it is a great way to help you shift your attention to the positive.

You can have a great business, wonderful clients, and a powerful vision of how your work can help improve people’s lives. Give yourself the gift of creating and maintaining a positive mindset and everything else will follow.

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