As a business owner, it’s important to stop periodically and review how things are going. As you near the end of the year, take advantage of the slower business demands many of us experience to ask yourself how this year was for you, marketing-wise.

Set aside a dedicated time — anywhere from an hour to an afternoon — and consider these questions.

Looking back:

  • What marketing strategies did you use this year?
  • Which did you enjoy?
  • What strategies worked the best?
  • Which were the easiest?
  • Which resonated the most with your potential clients?
  • What strategies were least effective?
  • Which strategies did you use because you felt you “should” or you “had to?”

Looking ahead:

  • If you could do one thing for your marketing that you feel would make a difference next year, what would that thing be?
  • What stands in the way of you getting that one thing going? List all the obstacles or objections that come to mind, such as, “I don’t know how to do it,” or “I don’t have the money,” or “Who am I to put myself out there that way?”
  • What’s one small step that will start you on the path to using this marketing idea? The size of the step is less important than you think. Taking one step, no matter how tiny, can make a huge difference in getting the ball rolling.
  • Consider using some type of accountability – a schedule, a coach, or an organized group or program – to keep you moving on your new endeavor.

In the coming year, make it easier for you and your business to get noticed. Continue using the marketing strategies you like, that are working, and are reaching your potential clients. Add in the new idea you evaluated above, too. Give yourself permission to make marketing feel easy and enjoyable. It’s amazing what some fresh marketing awareness can do for you and the soul of your business.

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