Are consistency and accountability related?


Consistency is the capacity to show up for something over and over, to produce results that are equivalent over time; stay the course, steady as she goes.

Accountability means you stay true to your word, that you can be counted on. You say what you’re going to do, and you do it, holding yourself answerable.

What do these have to do with getting the word out about your small business? Quite a bit; if you can hold yourself accountable to get your marketing done consistently, your business will be on a good track for success.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before: mediocre marketing done consistently trumps good marketing done inconsistently. That means picking several marketing strategies and looking for ways to do them regularly, such that you can count on them, and those you work with – potential clients as well as referral partners – can come to expect them. This could be writing articles, giving speeches, attending regular networking events, posting fliers, making sales calls, having coffee meetings… whatever marketing strategies are best suited for you, your business, and your future clients.

Accountability helps make staying consistent with your marketing easier. If you tell yourself, or someone else, that you’re going to make sales calls, you’re now committed to doing it, or run the risk of feeling that you let yourself, and them, down.

If you’re ready to be more consistent and accountable, try out these quick and easy tricks.

To Boost Your Consistency:

Make a schedule and stick with it.

Having a regular time set aside to do things trains your brain to expect them. For example, if you’re most energetic in the morning, plan on doing your marketing then; after a few weeks, you’ll start to anticipate it, making getting it done that much easier.

Create the right environment.

Where you work can often make a difference. Pick a place that is conducive to getting things done, where you can focus and avoid interruptions. You could close your office door, or go to your local coffee shop or library.

Make getting things done easy.

Set aside distractions (phones, kids, laundry, email, etc.). If you remember the “Cone of Silence” from Get Smart, that’s what you want for yourself. Inside the Cone, it’s just you and what you want to get done, and the rest of the demands on your time and psyche fade away.

To Boost Your Accountability:

Set a timer and focus.

Think of the timer as your friend. It gives you discreet packets of time to work within, which act as focused time. During your focused time, work on one thing until it’s complete. No bouncing around to different tasks; just do one thing until your timer is up.

Practice benevolent peer pressure.

There’s something magical that happens when you work in a group. Your subconscious mind falls into a rhythm with those around you, matching their pace and focus. This group energy helps you stay with the task at hand; this is one time when peer pressure works in your favor!

Be clear about what you’re asking yourself to do.

Staying accountable is easier when you choose a specific task to accomplish. If you’ve done your best to create a time and space in which to do your work, the next step is to be clear about what you’re doing. The more defined your task is, the more likely you are to get it done.

By using consistency and accountability to reinforce each other, you’ll make your marketing life much easier, making getting and keeping your ideal clients easier still.

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