Does it spark joy?

This is the question Marie Kondo (author of The Magical Art of Tidying Up) asks you to consider when going through your things. What if you applied this concept to your business marketing?


There are so many things you may feel you have to do to market your services that it’s easy to forget about sparking joy. Case in point: I was talking with a client one day about doing the Get Clients Now! 28-day program, and after glancing at some of the suggested actions from the book she made these comments:

  • Spend 1 hour each day cold calling – Heck no!
  • Volunteer in a visible position once a week – In my profession? No.
  • Do one thing to get my name in print each week – I’m getting palpitations just thinking about this.

Clearly these particular actions were not sparking joy in her!

Why does sparking joy matter?
Marie Kondo’s book was an instant hit because she tapped into something deeper for all of us. It’s not just a book about organizing your house – there are plenty of those on the market. Instead, it’s a book about looking at what really matters to you (your values, hopes, dreams, etc.), and how these are reflected in the items you surround yourself with. If the things you interact with most often are things that give you joy, you are predisposed to have a life that supports you and that’s organized around what reflects your inner self most.

What does it feel like when your marketing sparks joy?
Translating this into your business life, you know that without marketing there is no business. (Even if you feel you aren’t doing any marketing, you are). Taking action that spark joy is the quickest way to build and sustain a business that you love, and that serves your clients well. When you choose marketing strategies that spark joy, your marketing is effective and you feel a sense that all is right with the world, that you’re on the right track, and that your work is making a difference – and that makes everything worth it.

How do you find what sparks joy?
Finding what sparks joy can be an adventure, one you willingly and excitedly embark upon. Notice what you’re already doing for marketing: does it make you feel alive, or hollow inside? Do you look forward to doing it, or dread it? Are you connecting with your ideal clients, or just going through the motions? Chances are you have one or two things you enjoy doing that effectively connect with your potential clients. There may be a few things you’ve been afraid to try, yet are curious about; who knows, perhaps these new things will spark joy!

Allowing yourself to enjoy your marketing, and letting it spark joy in you, makes a huge difference in the success of your business. Surround yourself with things you love – including your marketing – and bask in the glow of a life and business well created.

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