It’s easy to let things slide, especially when they feel difficult. Unfortunately, sometimes in business, following up with clients can feel that way.

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Why is that? It’s not as if your hands are broken and you can’t type, dial the phone, pick up a cup of coffee, or you don’t know how important following up is. It’s more like an unseen force is pushing against you, shifting your brain into a neutral space and preventing you from accomplishing even the smallest of follow-up tasks.

You feel stuck, with your broken hands and your brain mushy. What are you supposed to do?

Fear not! You can start following up with ease, and quickly, too. As for how, the answer lies in keeping things simple.

On the surface, following up seems straightforward. You converse with a potential client, then afterwards you give them a call, send an email, or drop them a note. It sounds pretty simple, right?

Yet, there are your broken hands and your neutralized brain.

If following up wasn’t at least a tiny bit challenging, everyone would do it. The truth is, most people don’t follow up because they feel shy, or don’t know where to start, or are afraid to assert themselves. What seems simple and straightforward feels more difficult when the conversations in your head are whispering messages like, “I don’t want to bother anyone” or, “I’m sure they’ll call when they’re ready.” Following up takes courage, gumption, and a bit of preparation.

Just the tiniest bit of preparation can help you over the hump when the unhelpful conversations start whispering in your ear, and your hands and head start hurting. You don’t have to buy a new planner, or learn the “best marketing practices” for your industry when it comes to following-up; the best approach is to keep things simple.

Give this incredibly simple formula for following up a try, and see what a difference it can make.

Decide that you’re going to follow up with someone. This is the preparation part. So far, so good!

Pick who you’d like to follow up with. This and the next step are the decision-making parts.

Choose how you’d like to follow up. Would you like to write them a note, send an email, or give them a ring? Pick a way to follow up that feels easy, yet may be a tiny stretch from your comfort zone. Keep it going; you’re doing great!

Have a talk with yourself about why you’re following up. Remind yourself why you’re in business. Let yourself know how following up with this potential client allows you to fulfill your business vision of serving others. This is the permission part; keep breathing!

Now it’s time to take the follow-up action. Pick up the phone, send an email, or handwrite a note; this lets your potential client know how wonderful it would be for you to support them in accomplishing their dreams. This is the action part, which you’ve been preparing for. You’ve got this!

Heal your hands and shift your brain out of neutral. Decide that you’re going to be a business owner who follows up, standing out in a sea of people who would rather not leave their comfort zone. Use your energized brain to step forward into the world of follow-up and see how easy it can be.

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