Sometimes you feel like you can rock your business marketing, really get out there and let the people know about all the great stuff you do. Other times, you may have a harder time of it. Everyone has those days, when even the most modest marketing tasks feel like an effort. That’s where persistence comes in.

Persistence: firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. (Thank you, Google.)

How do you stay persistent, then? Automation. Habit. Mindset. Accountability.

This is the Big Kahuna of marketing success; creating habits is the best way to remember to do things. It puts them on autopilot, removing them from the part of your brain that needs to consciously think about what to do next, and places them into the “computer” part of your brain, the part that takes care of tasks with very little thought. The more you need to think about what to do next, marketing-wise, the more likely you are to stall or talk yourself out of doing it. Making marketing habitual will naturally increase your success rate. This could be as simple as an appointment every Tuesday afternoon to make follow-up calls, or setting a few hours aside each week to write your next blog post. Habits are your friends; they make things easy.

Leverage technology to reinforce your habits: automation is well-suited for persistence. For instance, you could take advantage of automatic email reminders, social media scheduling programs, autoresponders that deliver e-courses, and a whole host of other technologies designed to take most of the individual labor out of reaching out to, and keeping in touch with, potential clients. Using technology effectively cuts down on the time it takes to do things and allows for more, and potentially more interesting, things to get done.

Keep your mindset positive, focus on the long-term, and remember that marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. To keep your mindset upbeat, look around at those you admire and see what qualities you can borrow from them. Read about someone who overcame the same obstacles you’re facing, and remember that if they did it, you can do it, too. Use your automations and habits to keep you on track despite your day-to-day mood, so you can keep moving forward, pacing yourself as you go.

Persistence means, “…continuance in a course of action…”, and having accountability makes that easier. There are many ways to stay accountable: write a to-do list and check off the tasks, buddy up with a colleague to report on your progress, join a work or action group, hire a coach. Making a statement that you’re going to do something, then checking that item off the list, helps create a habit of persistence, and makes it a lot easier, and more fun, to get things done.

Being persistent in your marketing can pay big dividends over time. Pick one of more of the ideas listed here (hint: I suggest developing a habit as the one must-do item) and let your marketing bring you all the clients you’re looking for!

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