Being stubborn is a great trait when it comes to marketing your business. The more you can be persistent in your marketing, the better; remember the axiom that OK marketing, done consistently, is better than great marketing, done inconsistently.

To that end, here are five ways to that being persistent in your marketing will benefit you and your business.

It makes marketing easier
Be stubborn about making sure your marketing is a priority, that you’re using the same marketing strategies consistently, and that you have a set result your marketing is trying to achieve. Ease comes from this level of clarity and consistent behavior; you can put your marketing activities on a regular, repeatable cycle, set them, and let them run in the background. Marketing is easier when you stick with it, and it’s more effective, too.

It allows you to test something thoroughly
Being stubborn about marketing allows you to use it to test new and different ideas. Perhaps you have an idea about a new service, or a new marketing strategy you’d like to try. Or perhaps you saw something another business similar to yours was doing that you’d like to give a try. Testing takes time, and this stubborn-ness gives you a framework to try out your new ideas to see if they’ll work out or not.

It enables you to get to know your ideal client well
It’s important to know who your ideal client is so you can more specifically target them with your marketing message. You may have the feeling that you’ll be excluding people if you only market to one group, yet stubbornly aligning yourself with one particular audience means that you can be very direct in making them offers. As you get to know their needs more deeply, you can market to them more effectively.

It fosters belief in what you’re doing
As the owner of your business, you need to believe in what you’re offering. You may have a vision for your company and its services that others don’t see; you may be ahead of the curve, or have a new twist on something. Believing in yourself and your business makes marketing easier; it enables you to to sway others to your point of view, see the vision you’re seeing, and want a piece of that vision for themselves.

It lets the persistent-consistent effect kick-in
As stated at the beginning of this article, the more consistently you do marketing, even if it’s not amazing, the better; quantity over quality often wins. The persistent-consistent effect means that you keep at your marketing regularly – use the same marketing strategies to achieve the same goal – over the long term. This allows your ideal client to get to know you, see your message, and hopefully respond by buying your services.

Being stubborn allows you to be fierce, consistent and persistent, and know your clients. You can test and experiment. There is freedom in being stubborn, in seeing the vision when others may not, and all that adds up to some good marketing juju.

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